Marketing your small business online is a fast and easy thing to do. Social media marketing ensures that you can get your business name out there to literally thousands of potential buyers in seconds. These are powerful and successful tools to use. But what about marketing your business offline? Listed below are 5 tips to promote your small business offline.

1. Newsletters

Sending out newsletters is a very effective way to reach people. Your newsletter should be an indirect tool to hopefully sell or promote your product. Information is being dispersed that is generally helpful to those looking for it. This is an excellent way to put free information out there not only to be helpful to others but also earn respect and a name for your offline business.

For example, say you own a tree trimming service. Your newsletters could give information on how to plant trees and how to care for them as they grow. Another newsletter could discuss diseases of trees and how to take care of that and so on. Start to build a relationship with your subscribers.

2. Business Cards

Now, we are talking “real” business cards here. Physical cards that you can leave everywhere. An attention-grabbing business card is not only appealing, but it gives the holder of the card something tangible to hang on to. There are various sites where you can design cards, get them printed and sent to you for a relatively cheap price. Business cards can be left everywhere and even attached to bulletin boards.

3. Free Giveaway Items

If you have attended any trade shows lately, you will see tons of free items given away to promote a business. These free items ranging from pens and pencils to t-shirts or water bottles. They can be as expensive or inexpensive as fits in with your budget. If your business is products instead of a physical service, when you fill an order you can include a free promotional item.

If, like the example above, your small business is one of service like the tree trimming service, magnets with your logo are great because many people put them on their refrigerators. This will help to keep the name of your business in the open for potential customers to see daily.

4. Help to Sponsor a Local Event

In every local community, there are food festivals, fundraisers, and church festivals, etc. When you sign up to be a sponsor, the name of your business will likely be on the advertising for the event. This is an excellent way to garner goodwill in the community plus get your name and that of your business out to the general public.

5. Take out Ads in Yellow Pages

You think this is obsolete since the internet? Not so. There is a whole sector of society that still actually looks in phone books to find the answer to their problem. Make sure your offline small business is listed in the phone book but also take out larger ads. You can also put a coupon in the ad and that always attracts possible customers.

So there you have it. 5 sound offline marketing techniques that will promote your small business. Actually, there are much more than these 5. Be imaginative and find out what works for you.