5 Tasks You Should Outsource To a Virtual Assistant

The virtual assistant (VA) field has matured in great length. More and more people are now familiar with the term virtual assistant. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how using a VA would greatly benefit their business. Whether you are a large corporation or a small one man shop, there are a number of benefits derived from working with a VA. In the current fluctuating economy, the number one priorities for a business are keeping their overhead costs low. Costs savings remains to be one of the biggest benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant.

Below are five tasks you should outsource to a Virtual Assistant

I. Scheduling
In comes the dreaded appointment book. Ever had one of those moments where it takes 5 emails and several phone calls to settle on an amicable appointment time? Well rest easy, you can now outsource this service in two ways:
First, you can automate it: Set up a public calendar and have individuals select an appointment from the calendar (you can use a Google Calendar or a paid service). This move will save you the hassle of moving back and forth.
Secondly, you can have a scheduling person in place: a virtual assistant will manage your appointments for you. The VA can effectively manage your regular appointments that you need to get set up, change appointments once they have been booked.
A virtual assistant will do any scheduling you ask them to do.

II. Bookkeeping and Finance
You and I both know that the last thing we think about every day pertains to booking your hours and doing the billing. As much as it is the life-force of the business, many business owners leave this part unattended to until when they really have to deal with it.
Luckily, there are more than one ways you can outsource your bookkeeping and finance to your virtual Assistant. A Virtual Assistant plays a crucial role in tracking your time on tasks for each client. This simply means that you can outsource any portion of your time tracking and invoicing.
The virtual assistant will make use of systems that will record your time and all you will have to do is run and check your reports every week, a month before you bill your clients. The key is, getting your Virtual Assistant to help you carry out this task.

III. Client Care
As much as it is necessary that you work with your clients as a service professional, you can outsource the administrative part to your virtual assistant. It is quite easy to get bogged down in paperwork and other things like such with a client.
By setting a process to outsource things such as contracts, proposals, resources, renewal dates, and reporting, to a virtual assistant, you will be able to free up your valuable time.

IV. Technology
From website to social media, technology plays an important role in any part of the business world today. Many business owners spend thousands of dollars and man hours learning things to save money. There is no way that learning something new that is totally unrelated to your business is going to help you.
To begin with, you can have someone to set up simple web presence be it a site or a social media platform and manage your campaigns. Delegate the technology partly to a virtual assistant.

V. Copywriting
One of the places most business owners get stuck at is creating/writing marketing material. In the online field, writing styles keep changing and it can be daunting to get the right style and mood of the content. Simply because you are not a copywriter!
Get a Virtual Assistant that is a good writer (copywriter) and have them manage your web content. This is a guarantee that you will have fresh and appropriate content all the time.

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