When it comes to choosing a career direction we are almost instantaneously asked to “Follow our Bliss”. The goal, however, requires that we should engage in work that we truly love and are quite passionate about.

The following 8 exercises will help you successfully discover new paths and new sources of passion for you. Feeling a little stuck? Give them a try and you might be surprised to discover your interest and passion.

I. Need and Joy

Some famous theologian once wrote, “Vacation is where our greatest passion meets the world’s greatest need”. In lay man’s language, one way of discovering and determining our passion is through the discovery of what we individually believe to be the world’s best and greatest need.

Just this one discovery, passion flows from it. If for example, you believe that for the world to be civilized, people need to be educated, then your passion will drive to become an educator that educates both young and old to be better people in the society.

II. What Is Your One Thing?

To find your passion, you need to inquire about your one thing. Talk to your family and close friends that know you like the back of their hands and know where your passion lies. Ask them to give you your identity openly and tell them you just want to know what your one thing is.

The answer you get will strongly indicate your passion.

III. Create Time

Many people that have found their passion, they have dedicated times to work on their passion when there is less disturbance and more time to concentrate. Find out what your passions are by spending quality time with yourself, doing what you do best.

IV. Create Lists

To find out what you are good at, have a sit-down and create a list of the things you are good at. Create a list of the things you absolutely love doing and finally create a list of everything that gives you a sense of purpose.
Use the three lists to find a common theme (s) and this action will help you discover your passion (s).

V. Answer 15 Questions

When you go online, you shall find a plethora of questions that have been set up to help you discover what your passions are. Pick only 15 questions that appeal to you and answer them wholeheartedly. You will soon discover what your purposes are.

VI. Find and Seek Out Your Fears

Sit down one day and go over your life to figure out how many times you have asked yourself or someone close to you whether you are really a swimmer, teacher, chemists, writer, artist etc. remember one thing, the counterfeit innovator is over confident and the real one is usually scared to death.

To find out what you are really passionate about, ask yourself what scares you to death, whether your comfortable zone is becoming uncomfortable and why you are where you are today.

VII. Recall Flow States

What is a flow state you ask? Well, it occurs when you are engrossed in an activity so much that you practically lack the mental capacity of noticing other things. It also means that you are passionate about that you are doing.
Simply sit back and put together a list spanning back to your childhood about the things that put you in a state of flow.

VIII. Writing and Crying

Many individuals have been advised to sit down and ask themselves what the true purpose in life is. To find out, individuals are asked to write until they cry. The answer that makes them cry is their true purpose in life!